STEEL 'N MOTION INC specializes in providing high quality, close tolerance custom metal fabrication; certified welding and precision machining to a broad spectrum of industries. These include the following:

  • Energy, including Hydro.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Environmental.
  • Architectural and the marine industry to name a few.
  • Concrete (post architectural)

Founded in 2002, this company's history boasts a number of high profile companies and many happy repeat customers. These include the following:

  • Irving / Osco
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Weir Power & Industrial
  • Nova Scotia Power
  • Clearwater Seafood
  • Algonquin Power Co
  • Parks Canada
  • Weir American hydro
  • Putzmiester America (Sturtevant, WI Tel: 0800-890-0269)
Specialized Welding

Specialized Welding

STEEL 'N MOTION INC are specialized welders, certified to a number of standards:

  • CSA CWB welding standards.
  • DIV 2 and 2.1 company for both steel [CWB 47.1] and aluminum [CWB 47.2].
  • Numerous types of CWB welding tickets both S and T class.
  • Department of Labor high pressure pipe welding certification.
  • Welding supervisor's tickets (steel and aluminum).
  • IIW certification.
  • CWB-W178.2 level 1 & 2.
  • Welding specialist for next line procedures.
  • Dept of Labour stainless steel and stelite
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspector.

STEEL 'N MOTION INC retains Forgeron Engineering Ltd as its CWB welding engineer for both steel and aluminium. STEEL 'N MOTION INC is fully insured. The company is also registered with the Worker Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and is currently in good standing with a fully accredited safety program from front-line safety (HSE).



STEEL 'N MOTION INC operate a small yet very capable machine shop with modern equipment such as :

  • ZOPF 100 ton ring rolling machine
  • Hydmech S20P 18 x 20 horizontal automated band saw
  • 55 ton press
  • 2 Small milling machines
  • 1 Small lathe high speed
  • 1 Medium CNC lathe 16 x 40
  • 2 Vertical drill presses
  • 75 Ton iron worker
  • Punch
  • Shear
  • Bend 3/4in x 12
  • Ridged pipe threader
  • Pipe and tube bender
  • Portable line boring 1" - 16"
  • Many portable hydraulic jacks 5 - 200 tons

All work fully guaranteed. Contact Eirik for a full range of services.

Consulting And Testing

Consulting And Testing

STEEL 'N MOTION INC is able to supply project management service from design through to fabrication. Eirik Larsen personally overseas all projects and brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Consultation services are also offered on external projects, contact Eirik for a friendly yet professional chat about your project or specific requirement.

STEEL 'N MOTION INC now runs a fully accredited CWB authorised testing facility.

Welding Inspection (Aluminium & Steel)

Weld Coupon Bending & Testing

Forge Work

Forge Work

STEEL 'N MOTION INC's forging processes range from traditionally joined fully forged (heated and hammered), to fabricated (cut, bent and forge welded) and quite often is a combination of these near net industrial forgings.

This ranges from architectural blacksmithing which, can be defined as the production of functional items such as gates, railings, light fixtures, fireplace screens and furniture, through to bespoke pieces of artwork / architectural artwork.

Simply contact us with your specification and we will endeavour to help.

Marine Repair

Marine Repair

STEEL 'N MOTION INC also carries out marine repair.

STEEL 'N MOTION Inc was founded in early 2002 and is a fully incorporated company operating in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The company is solely owned by Eirik Larsen with it's head office located at 1922 Old Sambro Road, Williamswood Halifax.

The machine shop found on site was built in 1995 and still operates today performing light machining jobs. The forge was built in 2005 and is currently operated as a specialized welding shop, carrying out amongst other things a range of blacksmithing services. The facility also functions as a fully accredited welder training and test center, specializing in complex welding tasks such as power generation turbine components; heavy crane parts; safety lifting devices and MAP's. [Manned access platforms].

The majority of our business is welding, design, and fabrication. We also offer project management and consulting services and have an estimated 26 years plus experience in this field. The full list of our services can be viewed below:

STEEL 'N MOTION Inc also offers a unique service called Engineering Facilitation and consulting whereby we draw on the experience and contacts made over the years working on design builds and large fabrication projects.

STEEL 'N MOTION INC is an efficient and flexible operation having access to many professional engineers and relevant contacts in this field. The reductions in overheads as compared to previous incarnations allows them to offer an excellent service and very competitive pricing.

Once the customers idea is analyzed and considered it is then allotted the most economical and appropriate professional advice for the project. They then stay the course and work with the client and the engineer to ensure the project stays on track, on time and on budget.

STEEL 'N MOTION INC has a perfect safety record and it's safety policy is registered with FRONTLINE SAFETY Inc (HSE). All of our employees are safety trained in WHIMS, first aid, fall arrest, and confined space. At STEEL 'N MOTION INC. safety is a way of life and we also have a Total Quality Management program in place with document control. We are currently working within ISO: 9000-2000 standards. Our customers and their satisfaction are our first priority and all our work is guaranteed.

STEEL 'N MOTION INC is a factory authorized weld repair and inspection center for Putzmiester America concrete placement booms, pumper trucks, and tele belts



Eirik Larsen : President STEEL 'N MOTION INC

Office Hours and Workshop : 786 Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia.

Head Office : 1922 Old Sambro Road, Williamswood, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cell : 1 (902) 471-2938